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How to Choose the right Bridesmaid Dress

You want your bridesmaids to look beautiful, right? To fit in with the theme, to look great on the pictures and to generally feel amazing. But choosing the right dress, one that they not only all love but that complements your wedding gown can be a tall order. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, remember that the bride gets final say and dive into a world of silk, lace, and taffeta. Follow our guide to choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress and make your favorite women, feel amazing.

Think About Them

Ok, so it makes sense to start with your best girls. What are their heights, skin tones, and shapes? Talk to them, what do the love to flaunt and what are they keen to hide. Try to choose a versatile dress that makes the most of every bridesmaid whilst realizing that hitting everyone’s wish list might not be possible. You always have final call but a little compromise can go a long way. Our Sleeveless Champagne Tulip Dress is one of our most elegant dresses and an incredibly versatile style. Clever ruching makes it a flattering choice for almost every body shape.

Use Color Carefully

Color is powerful and using it carelessly at a wedding can not only throw out your whole theme but signal some bad vibes. Color psychology says that different colors stimulate different reactions and some are more wedding appropriate that others. While lavender is said to be positive and romantic, bright red is sexy and dramatic, so possibly not the right choice unless you want your bridesmaids to steal the show. Choose a color that matches the mood you want to create and also sits in harmony with other colors on the color wheel. This will ensure you don’t have clashing tones that ruin the balance of your look. Our Blush Pink Ballerina Dress is the perfect soft and romantic color for your bridesmaids.

Match Dresses with Ceremony Style

 A light summer bridesmaid dress may look great at a garden ceremony in July but completely out of place at a Christmas reception. Make sure you consider when, where and what type of ceremony you are having before you make the final decision on your dress. Bear in mind that more modest dresses will be appropriate for a church service and that you can get a little more casual at a beach or outdoor ceremony. It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful bridesmaids dress but never go ahead and buy without thinking hard about how a gown fits into your overall theme.

 Consider Coordinating Dresses

 If you are trying to dress very different bridesmaid it could be smart to consider coordinating dresses. With Style and Pose you can find everything from petite dresses to plus size bridesmaid dresses that will work together beautifully while fitting the particular body type and tastes of different women in your party. Coordinating dresses are a growing wedding trend that doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon and they are a great way to make every bridesmaid happy! Our collection of Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses will leave each and every one of your bridesmaids blown away by her beautiful dress.

Check Styles Complement Your Dress

 More important than anything else is ensuring that your bridesmaid dresses complement your own gown. This means making sure colors, styles and materials harmonize. A lace bridal dress works prettily with a lace or crochet bridesmaid dresses, while if you are wearing chiffon opt for airy and floaty bridesmaid gowns. Satin should never pair with satin but rather a lighter shimmery material like charmeuse or taffeta. If you get the opportunity, try all of your dresses on as a group so you can check you love the combination and always buy your dress first. Our Taupe Maxi Dress with open back and elegant long sleeves would make the perfect pairing for a traditional gown.

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Get the fit right

 You ensure a great fit for your bridal gown so why not your bridesmaids? There is nothing that takes the polish of a wedding like a gaping back or trailing hem. It’s worth paying a little more to have a seamstress take in and alter your bridesmaid gowns so that they fit like a glove. This ensures that your bridesmaids feel confident and amazing as they float down the aisle.

 We know you will pick amazing bridesmaid dresses for your ceremony. Check out the full collection at Style and Pose and discover gorgeous gowns your wedding party will fall in love with!

  • June 03, 2017
  • David Dorleans